Barclay 2017

I have families that have been with me for a long time. I see them year after year and get the chance to capture their growing children. This little family is so very special to me. I met mom (Amanda) through BST (underground black market for childrens clothing) haha Don’t ask. We instantly hit it off with our daughters being so similar in age, location, but more importantly, size. lol. We attend each others girls birthdays and I love seeing little Abby grow up. They have grown with me in my photography journey and are always up for my crazy ideas, adventures, and even drive over an hour without any clue of where we are going. But, I am so glad they do. Without their trust in me, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to create these beyond AMAZING photos for them. Dean drove home for hours from a hunting trip and what I can say is only love for Amanda, turned around to drive 2 more hours for what I call “The Pines.” So, take a look at a few of these breathtaking images of the Barclay family. Worth. Every. Minute.


Not to mention, this adorably awesome collage of Mom & Dad/Dad & Daughter

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