Lake Benbrook- located on the West side of the lake, $5 per car entrance fee easily paid with card at automated machine

A beautiful sunset beach with water access that generally only has a few patrons (if any) *photos taken in Summer



Willow Park Field- located in Willow Park near I-20

Large field with nice sunset and old iron bridge, paved walkways *photo shown below is late Summer/early Fall



Aledo Field- located in Willow Park just off Ranch House Rd. Private property with special permission to shoot here.

Field with tall golden grass, rock road, and lots of close trees *photo shown below is late Fall


Ikard Field- located on the East side of Weatherford just 8 minutes from Aledo

Large field with lots of sky and distant tree line

*photo shown below is early Fall

*photo shown below is late Summer



Lake Weatherford- located on the Northwest side of Lake Weatherford is a beautiful boardwalk area that boats trees and a perfect (across the water) sunset. Lilypads are seasonal from late June to September but this location works all year around.



Creek- located on the East side of Weatherford just 8 minutes from Aledo

Creek bed and active waterfall, not much sunset. So much fun for kids *photo shown below is late Summer

Note: A few minutes walk on paved trail with 2 large dirt steps into the creek (wear flats)



Parks of Aledo- located in Aledo near the High School

Lots of twisty trails with large trees and a field with a western facing tree line for a nice early sunset (couple minutes walk) *photo shown below was late Spring, Fall should be filled with lots of great colors.



Holland Lake- Located at a public park in Weatherford off Santa Fe Dr

tall trees with pretty peaking sunset, wooden bridge and pond area.

Note: there is a playground located near the parking lot if you have littles that are easily distracted




Trinity Park- located in the heart of Fort Worth

lots of trees and an old wooden train bridge *photo shown below is late Fall

*photo below taken in Spring



Mineral Wells State Park- located west of Weatherford with an entrance fee of $7 per person 13 & older, which is clients responsibility, reservations required.

Beautiful rock formations/canyons, a steep walk with rigid stairs from top to bottom of canyons, suggested start time 2 hours earlier than sunset *photo shown below in December



Airfield Falls- located in Westworth Village in the middle of West Fort Worth

WEEKDAYS ONLY! This location gets extremely busy on the weekends and the small parking lot is almost always full with no alternative parking. Rock waterfall feature along with trails, tree corridor and field. Beautiful year round. Does require at least a 5 minute walk to waterfall and a bit of rock climbing stone steps. Wear comfortable shoes and expect to get feet wet.



Downtown Fort Worth- Tall buildings, urban street views, lots of free parking after business hours, sessions can be versatile on time
**ONLY Sundance Square requires permit ahead of session date, not pictured**


Old Dowtown Fort Worth Post Office- Located off Lancaster in Fort Worth across from Water Gardens, always a great architectural location with a vintage feel



Magnolia Avenue- Fort Worth near Southside area

Streets, buildings, alleys, a classic urban vibe



Kimbell Arts- located in the cultural district of Fort Worth

Lots of stone architecture- stairs, water features, giant arched pavilion



Jessica Novak Photography Studio- Willow Park, Tx.

White studio with optional backgrounds as well as assorted settees, couch, bed and props. Time of day is very flexible.