Finally Home

Boy, have we been busy. I’m finally sitting down today for the first time in over a month to blog and it’s been a while since I’ve updated on our new adventure into homeownership (again), so brace yourselves.

It was a whirlwind to say the least. We have casually been looking since we sold our house in April 2016. I saw this house pop up on our spectrum of the market and immediately told my husband, “I want this house!”

Without hesitation, or even seeing it in person, he had contacted our real estate agent and loan officer to get the ball rolling. We saw the house on December 9th, and put in an offer the very next day. Exactly 37 days later, we closed on our new home.

Our new home has some old history. It was said to have been built in 1970 and is the very first house in our small town and the main road was named after it (Ranch House Road). Although, our neighbors and some city employees say it dates back further than that. We have 11 Live Oak trees that surround the dwelling that I call the guardians. They are somewhere around 100 years old, which means that the house itself was built in between them. We have found hidden windows and lots of other interesting things. It’s quickly become our little slice of heaven. J and I definitely have a lot of work to do on our fixer upper and I would love to have you along to share this journey with us. Check out our little Ranch House in the trees.


**photos are not the property of Jessica Novak Photography**

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