Rainy Day Blues

I love the rain. It makes me just stop. I reschedule shoots. I intentionally don’t leave the house and don’t feel guilty about it. I love to have time to just sit down and catch up on some neglected work. Snuggle up with my family on the couch. Eat some warm, feel good foods. It all sounds like the perfect day to me.

Sawyer doesn’t share my sentiment. Girl goes stir crazy. First thing she asks me in the morning is where we are going. I love being a homebody so I’m not sure where she got this fire to just GO. We are going on about 16 hours of non-stop rain and half of that time, she was asleep. She can’t wait to get out of the house already. She stares out the window just waiting for the moment she can tell me it has stopped. Lord, help me! What do you do to keep the rainy day blues away?

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